At Manchester Gas Engineers we focus on these main crafts, however we are not limited to these since we have over 15 years in building expierence.

Plumbing and heating
We are here to help with any plumbing or heating service you require. We specialise in all types of plumbing and heating services, from a leaking pipe to a new heating installation. I’m proud to say we offer a great service at a competitive price

Affordable boilers
We are offering affordable boilers at highly competitive prices with amazing customer service. Many of our boilers come with 2, 7 or even a 10 year warranty! We work with the best boilers available, we wont put a higher kw boiler in than needed as this can cost you money!

Gas safety checks
We also provide Gas Safety checks, it makes good sense to get your boiler and other gas appliances serviced each year, if the applaince isnt serviced each year then the warrenty on the appliance may become void. It will also give you that peace of mind that the appliance is operating safely and allow us to identify and potential problems early and save you money in the long run.