At Manchaster Gas Engineers we offer multiple services including power flushing and pipe management for homeowners and or landlords and property management teams. 

Power flushing

If you system is performing poorly, power flush maybe your way forward. If your radiators don’t get as hot as they used to or they are cold on the bottom and hot on the top. This is an indication your system has sludge and will need a power flush to clean it out to make your system improve. Every system over time will get a build-up of sludge and with every boiler install you have to power flush the system to keep the sludge levels to a minimum.

The sludge that is in the system can block pipes, block your boiler and radiators making either radiators stop working all together or just have cold spots, if the pipe is blocked then the water wont flow to a radiator making it no longer work. That is the same with the boiler it can over heat as the water can no longer flow freely around the system.

If this sounds like your system then get in contact for either a power flush or a chemical flush, at Manchester gas engineers all our engineers are trained to carry out flushes on the system and give advice on the best solution for your property.